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Prosci® Experienced Practitioner Program - 3 Day Course 

The Minnesota Change Management Network is delighted to announce the first-time local delivery of the Prosci® 3-Day Experienced Practitioner Program, this three-day experience where you will learn how to take their change capability up several notches while at the same time learning and networking with the best of the best change practitioners in town.

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Please complete the “Expression of Interest” form to indicate that you would like to receive additional information about this program.  This does not register you for the program; after we confirm that you are a current member, we will send you a registration link where you will pre-pay for the course.

Last date to register: January 28, 2019

As a testament to the strength of our long-term partnership with Prosci®, MNCMN has been selected as the ONLY organization to host its advanced “Experienced Practitioner” change workshop outside of their corporate headquarters. Prosci® has extended this opportunity to MNCMN due to its continued confidence in our local practitioners to lead and sustain change-capable organizations. Prosci® Master Trainer Scott Ross, who also delivers the Prosci change certification course, will facilitate this new offering.

PLEASE NOTE: this advanced training program is available exclusively for our MNCMN Members and comes at an incredible value and savings of over one thousand dollars per person off the Prosci® standard workshop pricing. Due to the collaborative discussion and high level of the content covered, there are a few specific pre-requisites you must complete to attend the course.

Access to this Professional Development Program is available to MNCMN members only. If you have non-member friends or colleagues interested in taking advantage of this and the many other fabulous member benefits, please send them to the membership page here
Professional memberships are only $125 for an entire year of programming, and students receive a discounted membership rate of just $45 per year! Additional membership perks can be found here.

Please review the Fact Info Sheet for all the details on the program, including agenda and materials: DOWNLOAD FACT INFO SHEET

or more information please visit the Prosci Experienced Practitioner Program

    Prosci® certification course details:

     What:  3-Day Prosci® Experienced Practitioner Program 
     When: February 2019
    • Tuesday, February 19, 8AM to 5PM
    • Wednesday, February 20, 8AM to 7:30PM
    • Thursday, February 21, 8AM to 4PM
    (Breakfast in the morning and Lunch will be provided each day)
     Where: Normandale Community College - Partnership Center
    9700 France Ave South, Bloomington, MN 55431
     Cost: MNCMN Member Price: $2400 + LITERATURE Library
    (Prosci® Regular Program Price is $3525 – What a Deal!)
    + estimated cost of books $100
     Requirements:  This is an MNCMN Member Opportunity Only!

    This Program is slightly different from other professional development programs MNCMN has offered thus far. Due to the nature of this challenging course on multiple change models, there are a few minimum requirements for admission. To enroll, you must first complete all pre-requisites as follows:

    1)            Completed the Prosci® Change Management Certification program
    2)            Pass an email Entrance Exam on change management principles
    3)            Receive email acceptance to the program from Prosci® prior to enrollment
    4)            Finish all pre-session reading/work prior to arrival at class.

    This pre-work is extensive and includes approximately 30-50 hours of reading of some of the most seminal change content to date.

    Prosci® is a globally recognized change management process and set of tools. Organizations value the Prosci® model (ADKAR) because it’s research-based, leveraging lessons learned from multiple research studies with over 3400 organizations around the world since 1998. It is holistic, including both individual and organizational models that drive results at all levels. It is easy to use, with tools, templates and checklists that are integrated into an easy-to-use framework for managing change at all levels. And it is results-oriented, helping organizations drive the desired outcomes of their projects. 

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